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NIRIS is an Enabling Service that is ensuring proper situational awareness via the provision of a set of services to enable data collection, dissemination and transformation. These services work to support tactical information in an interoperable manner based on NATO and commercial standards (e.g. Tactical Data Links (TDL), OTH-Gold, Friendly Force Tracking (FFT), NVG, Civilian Convoy and more).


NIRIS has been developed to meet the NATO Minimum Military Requirements (MMR) for collection, dissemination and provision of situational awareness information to specialized Functional Area Systems (FAS). NIRIS is a widely used system providing situational information services for automated Air Command and Control (Air C2) and Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) within NATO.

NIRIS is an essential service for several Communities of Interest (CoI), to include Air, Land, Maritime, Joint, Logistic, and Intelligence domains. Effectively, NIRIS acts as a middle layer service between the data producers (e.g. assets, FFT and C2 systems) and information consumers (Air, Maritime and Land situational awareness systems). NIRIS makes information collected from multiple sources available to decision makers as battle space objects. The NIRIS core functions include a range of options to transform, translate, convert and align C2 data and information.

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NIRIS is the acronym for “Networked Interoperable Real Time Information Services", and has been developed and maintained as a core enabling service capability since 1998. It is supported by the NCI Agency.

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