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The NATO-wide Integrated Command and Control Software for Air Operations (ICC) is an integrated Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence/Information (C3I2) environment that provides information management and decision support to NATO air operation activities during peacetime, exercise and war.
The ICC provides functional support for the most critical Air C2 functions at the Air Component Commander and CAOC levels.
The supported functionalities include planning and tasking, generation of Air Operations Directives, generation of Airspace Control Orders, joint target nomination, generation of Air Tasking Orders/Air Tasking Messages and a complete current operations capability (both offensive and defensive). The ICC provides the regional recognized air picture (RAP) to NATO Headquarters and supports the dissemination and display of Shared Early Warning (SEW) information. Furthermore, the ICC is capable of displaying a Common Operational Picture (COP).
The ICC system was developed by the NCI Agency and is maintained in a cooperative venture by the NCI Agency and the NPC. The support provided includes: application software development, COTS software maintenance, hardware/software obsolescence engineering and help desk activities.

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