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The Multi-AEGIS Site Emulator (MASE) is a flexible, low cost, state-of-the-art solution to support the execution of air operations. To assist the MASE user in gaining and maintaining air superiority, three major functional areas are supported:
  • Production of a real-time RAP based on input from active/passive sensors and civilian air traffic control
  • Identification and exchange of the RAP with other military units in a NATO-wide, real-time network
  • Battlespace Management and provision of weapons guidance solutions.
Both military and civilian radars can be connected using nearly all relevant protocols on dedicated lines or packet switched networks. The sensor data from these sources is processed using a multi radar tracker, which provides the real-time air picture.
Flight plan data from civilian or military Air Traffic Control (ATC) centres are received, correlated with the real-time air picture and displayed to the operational user to support identification of the RAP. The Battlespace Management function assists the operational users in threat assessment and allocation of weapon resources. Threats can be engaged with either fighters or Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) units. When engaging with fighters, the assigned intercept controller can select between various types of guidance solutions depending on the fighters’ capabilities and the prevailing tactical situation.
The NPC performs full system support for the MASE system, which is an in-house development started in 1996. For years, MASE has been recognized as the standard NATO solution for real-time C2. Today more than 60 installations in 20 NATO countries use MASE to execute Air C2 on national territory.


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