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The CRC System Interface (CSI) is NATO’s most comprehensive and complete data-link buffer. The CSI supports real-time data exchange between various Command and Control elements including navy vessels, NATO Airborne Early Warning (NAEW) aircrafts, headquarters and even fighter aircraft using standardized NATO data links, including ATDL1, Link 1, Link 11A, Link 11B and Link 16. In addition to its data exchange capability, CSI provides a full control capability for air defence and interceptors in making use of the tactical data links implemented.
The CSI functionality includes:
  • Data transmission and forwarding on a multitude of national and NATO data links.
  • Generation of a real-time recognized COP including air, surface and ground elements coupled with intelligence information received from data links.
  • GBAD control functionality on various data links including Link 16.
  • Interceptor control capability on Link 16.
  • Surface connectivity on Link 11A.
The CSI can be used as a stand-alone system, in combination with any CRC host system, or as an extension to the MASE system. When being used with MASE, it seamlessly integrates into the MASE Integrated Console thus allowing a CRC operator to work on a COP consisting of air, surface and ground entities reported on the various NATO data links.
The NCI Agency CSI Section, located at the NPC, provides full system support for the CSI in cooperation with NPC and other NSPA specialists.


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