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You have an established radar system and want to re-use it with the Air Command and Control System (ACCS)? That’s where ASIM can help you.
The ACCS requires that radars have a very specific interface and behaviour. This is defined in STANAG 5535 AWCIES (ACCS wide common information exchange standard).
The purpose of ASIM is to interface non-AWCIES compliant sensors with the ACCS system.
Sensor data, i.e. plots, strobes and radar status messages, will be translated into equivalent AWCIES messages and forwarded to ACCS for processing when applicable.
Sensor status data required by ACCS to declare the sensor link operational, but not available from the sensor, will be provided automatically by ASIM. Radar control actions from the ACCS operator will be translated from AWCIES into sensor-specific messages, when applicable.
The ASIM capitalizes the radar interface implementations already available in the Multi-AEGIS Site Emulator (MASE), and thus provides a significant number of interfaces out of the box to interface with ACCS.
The ASIM is used with NATO’s deployable unit (DARS). Additionally, the ASIM is used by three NATO nations, with a fourth Nation employing ASIM in early 2015.


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